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RushBet App Review: Welcome Bonus, App Features, And More

30 July 2018
par Jason

With sports betting legalization sweeping New Jersey, players can expect quality names in the industry to begin offering their products in the state. RushBet may be one of those names, as the sportsbook looks to bring sports betting action to the United States. In this RushBet App review, learn more about the RushBet app so you are ready to place your bets should they arrive in New Jersey.

RushBet App Overview

 RushBet Mobile App 
Compatibility/System Requirements 4/5 
Welcome Bonus 4/5 
App Features 4.5/5 
Overall Rating 4.5/5 

How To Get The RushBet Mobile App

The RushBet app should be easy to download should it come to New Jersey, as doing so does not require any additional steps than downloading an app normally. To do so, one would go to the app stores where it is available (traditionally the Apple App Store and Google Play), where they can download the app for free. From there, players can login to their existing accounts or click here to create an account.

rushbet app review

RushBet App System Requirements And Compatibility: 4/5

One of the most important things for a sports betting app to be successful is for it to be compatible with many different devices. With RushBet already being an established sportsbook in Colombia, there should not be the growing pains that many new sportsbook experience. Instead, the app should be compatible with most modern smart devices, including Apple and Android devices which see the most use.

In terms of the system requirements within the devices that RushBet ends up being compatible with, most sportsbook apps are compatible with software versions dating back years. If you are someone with even a reasonably modern smartphone, you should be able to enjoy the RushBet mobile app, which earns them positive marks in this RushBet app review.

RushBet App Welcome Bonus: 4/5

It will be interesting to see what kind of bonuses and promotion codes are available for new players at RushBet, given that the app has been established elsewhere and may want to be generous to its players in a new market. The site that is available in Colombia has frequent promotions for its players both new and existing, which do a good job of generating a buzz about the site.

RushBet App Features: 4.5/5

One of the best things about RushBet is the fact that they do bring some cool features that some online-only sportsbooks do not. At the top of that list is the ability to cash out while a game is in-progress. Of course, the availability of functionality like that will depend on what is deemed legal in New Jersey, but there is great potential here.


How can I bet using the RushBet app?

Betting with the RushBet app should be as easy as choosing a sport, an event, and then placing a stake on the market of your choice. The specifics of the process remain to be seen, though.

How can I manage payments using the app?

What payment options are available will depend on what RushBet permits should the app be released in New Jersey. Once active, there will be some clarification.

Is there a mobile-specific bonus available?

The availability of bonuses is unclear so far, but will be clarified should the site launch in the United States.

rushbet app

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

In terms of its potential, RushBet has a ton to like, including the potential to use some very cool features. It will be interesting to see if the site comes to fruition and how it lives up to expectations.

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